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Posted by Sayak
May - 25 - 2009

The KDE Brainstorm ( voting software now has a couple of changes:

1. AJAX Voting: This was posted as an idea, and caught our attention. We soon confirmed that this is more of a necessity than a need. So here it is now!
2. Non-js support: The voting pad now works perfectly on environments that do not support javascript.
3. Forum based locking: We had been notified about the absence of the voting pad in the subforums (Implemented, submitted etc.) and at the same time, the need for voting to be locked inside them. Forum based locking now makes this possible.
4. Integrated plugins: We decided to fuse a few of the supporting extensions of the vote plugin with itself. This upgrade is a rather backend improvement.
.. and some more minor changes.

You can find the official announcement here:

Haven’t submitted your ideas yet? Post your ideas and give you vote now!

Posted by Sayak
May - 21 - 2009

We are proud to announce that KDE Brainstorm has hit 1000+ ideas. You can find the brainstorm section at

The brainstorm forum area is maintained by the Brainstorm Moderator team and our very own KDE Developers. In recent past, our team members einar and Hans formulated and worked on the Brainstorm Digest, and have given us a round of detailed and useful statistics.

Our next step would be to further improve the Brainstorm experience. Quite many changes are already scheduled (can be found at the brainstorm forum with tag [brainstorm]), but we are looking for more! So if you have any ideas related to KDE Brainstorm, we would be glad to discuss it.

Haven’t posted your ideas about KDE yet? Do it now!

Posted by Sayak
May - 9 - 2009

Here I am, up @ 03:30 at night. I have my exams up and going, and will be in the “wrath” till 24th. We have 6 theory and 4 practical exams in one year. Yes, that’s right — considering that we get about 3 months of vacation, we end up having an exam in less than one month’s interval. Now how is that fair? Or is it?

I have a strategy that I follow during exam times. It is always the same with me:
1. Examination courses get declared about 2 weeks before the exam
2. I discover that I have a huge amount of text left to “mug-up”
3. I ignore what I just discovered
4. I start pulling hairs off my scalp 3 days before the exam
5. I somehow manage to finish the course. It is often till the last minute
6. 2 hours of writing business. And I end up doing fairly well (not always, but I can brag about most cases)

So what’s the deal? Why do I freak out each time even though I know it’s gonna be okay? Is it human instinct or just that I am too careless about not preparing early? Or is it just that I have an affection for pink ponies (not that it is relevant, but I thought it’s worth mentioning 😛 )

Posted by Sayak
April - 18 - 2009

As we have had the KDE Brainstorm running for almost a month, reaching its 700th idea today (excluding invalid submissions). This means 27 pages of well discussed ideas that are voted upon by users and managed by developers/staff are now available.

KDE Brainstorm is aimed towards narrowing down developer work at bko and making an organized collection of popular ideas that are easily accessible. It now has it’s own dedicated subdomain at The brainstorm further has a group of subforums, like “Invalid”, “Duplicate”, etc. containing the idea submissions belonging to that particular category.

With many developers now monitoring the brainstorm section, it is now a collection of great ideas for the KDE Desktop and applications, having proper exposure. We also have a team of Brainstorm moderators dedicated towards managing idea submissions, not to mention the forum staff who give their valuable time to help out.

I would soon try to go through my ToDo’s regarding the brainstorm software and would start working towards making KDE Brainstorm yet a better experience. We would always welcome ideas on how improve the KDE Brainstorm interface. Don’t forget to tag your ideas as [Brainstorm] when you suggest features for the software itself.

Haven’t posted your ideas yet? Submit it now!

Posted by Sayak
March - 26 - 2009

Thanks to KDE sysadmins, we now have a redirect to the KDE brainstorm section set up. Visit:

Haven’t posted your ideas yet? Submit it now!

Posted by Sayak
March - 22 - 2009

With the launch of KDE Brainstorm at the KDE Community Forums, we immediately had a whooping 80+ visitors immediately and more than 140 great ideas!
It was far more that we actually expected, and the KDE community seems to be doing great in handling the ideas. The forum team is looking forward towards making the brainstorm section better and easier to use, as it seems to have gained popularity overnight 😉

Haven’t posted an idea yet? Don’t wait anymore, submit it now!

Posted by Sayak
March - 20 - 2009

KDE Forum is proud to announce KDE Brainstorm.

The brainstorm section is aimed towards bridging the gap between users and developers, and to promote innovation to a further level by community participation. Users can post their ideas, vote upon other ideas and discuss about them on the forum itself. New to brainstorming? Read the Brainstorming FAQs.

So have some great ideas for KDE and it’s applications?  Start now by submitting your idea!

Posted by Sayak
February - 9 - 2009

With quite many things going around at the forums (, I’d like to discuss some prominent ones here:

  • Now you can reach forum staff on our ML.
    • Admins: admin[at]
    • Moderators: mods[at]

    The ideal practice would be – any forum thread/post/user related query goes at the mods ML while account related queries as well as other major problems fit in at the admin ML.
    Our preferred channel for (non-sensitive) feedback will still be the Feedback forum.

  • Our IRC bot sKreamer is better than ever. sKreamer is equipped to announce new threads from selected forums at specific channels. The bot is a widely customizable rbot. sKreamer is presently working at #kde-forum, #kde-mac and #kde-windows. To request sKreamer for your (kde) channel, please send a mail to the skreamer admins at skreamer[at]
    For other sKreamer related queries, you can contact Tuomas Koski (tkoski), Rob la Lau (OhReally) or me (glade88) at #kde-forum.
  • We might have a surprise forum section soon! Nothing more on this 😉
  • We now have our KDE SVN repo for the forum plugins. All plugins are licensed under GPL v3. Please note that the KDE Forum MODs team members are not the original authors of all plugins. We have made changes to certain MyBB plugins (although plugin copyrights are intact). Additionally, we will also be adding sKreamer’s rbot-plugins to the repo.
    You can find it at www/sites/forum.
  • You may also suggest news to be published at the forum’s News section. To do that, just create a mail with the story (or a link to it) and send it to news[at]

That’s all for today!

Posted by Sayak
January - 26 - 2009

KDE Forum proudly announces KDE 4.2 release party.

A congratulations thread will be opened on the date of release at the KDE Releases forum area where you can congratulate the KDE team and celebrate in any way you like!

Anyone, yes anyone, can participate at the party. That means guest posting is allowed and no registration is needed to post.

To add to the fun, we are aiming for a whooping 2000 posts increment on the occasion!

Join the fun!

Posted by Sayak
January - 13 - 2009

Ubuntu Brainstorm is undergoing the much waited upgrade to Ideatorrent. With more than half of it done, Nicolas (nand) and Chris Jones (Ng) are working hard as ever to make it up and running perfectly! 8)

Be ready to roll at 1800UTC (approximated, and liable to change) when the baby is ready to sail!! 😀

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