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Posted by Sayak
July - 13 - 2010

Just one week without my laptop and I am already going crazy. No matter how great the phone is, it simply cannot replace my precious notebook. No clue what I am mumbling about? Well, I am in the middle of a two week training at my company. They don’t allow personal laptops inside the campus so I had to leave mine back at home. And I already am banging my head hard on the walls. 🙁

Actually, this was anticipated. But still, I often come across some situations where I might need the source of a webpage of a JS console, and I realize that my Opera Mobile 10 doesn’t allow me to have either, it simply .. sucks. 😛
I am using a Nokia E71 with Opera Mobile 10 to surf. As of certificate issues (even after disabling certificate verification), I couldn’t use S60 based IRC clients like mIRGGI, so I had to fall back to Virca. Virca isn’t that bad, but it lacks quite a few stuff. But again, what more can you expect of a Java app. For social networking, I use Facebook and Orkut apps, although I personally think that surfing them from the mobile browser is better. For mail, I use Nokia mail with GMail that I purchased unknowingly with my handset (apparently it was included in the price). And for rest of the stuff, I simply fall back to Opera.

I don’t have 3G access at my location so all I have is Edge connectivity, giving me a maximum of 360 Kb/s. I was suffering with terrible low speed until I realized the Opera Turbo was slowing down the network. Disabling Opera Turbo now gives me acceptable browsing speed. It is about 1/10th of my home bandwidth, but do I have a choice?

For now, I have no idea how long this exile will go on, probably another week. Till then, I’ll live with “saas bahu” serials as FIFA just wrapped up (although well, I still am celebrating Spain’s victory.. Too bad Germany didn’t win, but I prefer Spain over Holland). Or maybe Cartoon Network? 😛

Posted by Sayak
June - 30 - 2010

I finally finished with the WordPress upgrade process. I ended up with version 3.0 and all latest version of plugins, including my theme.

The best part of WordPress is the ease with which you can do anything and everything. Being easy to use is often misunderstood as having less features. WordPress offers a range of powerful tools at the blog owner’s disposal. I say this in reference to how I upgraded my blog. All I needed to do was upload the updated version of WordPress, overwriting the older copy present on my web-host. Once that was complete, I logged in to the Dashboard to see an “Upgrade the database” notice. With just a click of a button, the database was changed to the newer version without any hassles whatsoever!

Not only upgrading, WordPress is also great in it’s first installation. All you need is to click “Install” and you’re done. 🙂
Of course, if  you don’t have a pre-populated config file, you might have to enter your database details, but that is pretty much everything 🙂

Writing entries with a powerful WYSIWYG editor with a versatile ‘kitchen sink’ is really fun. I never actually felt the need of installing a blogging software as it is always convenient to drop in the blog admin area and make a new post. Plus, with the right combination of plugins and themes, you can create a nice output, like I have the front page gallery featuring the jQuery carousel plugin.

Last but not the least, WordPress has a wonderful community both at and on IRC. I have to say, the performance shown by WordPress is not only impressive, but nothing IMHO stands a chance before this wonderful blogging software. I strongly recommend everyone who is looking for a blogging framework to go for WordPress without any hesitations. 🙂

Posted by Sayak
June - 23 - 2010

Yesterday while stumbling across FB, I discovered a video from a guy who used to be a classmate during my high school days.
Man, I couldn’t help loving the song. Here’s the original version:

So again, for the day, I have found ‘my song’ which I can listen over and over again. Till date, my personal favorites include The book of love (Peter Gabriel), Here without you (3 doors down), Crazy for this girl (Evan & Jaron), Wisemen (James Blunt), The scientist (Coldplay), The reason (Hoobastank), Red to black (Fort Minor), Lonely (Akon), One more day (Vast) .. and many more I can’t recall at this moment.
But ironically, during the last few years, I’ve found thousands of ‘my songs’ which eventually went boring as I listened to them over and over again.

So I wonder if anybody really has a song who he/she can listen over and over again, probably the perfect song.. Do you have a perfect song?

Posted by Sayak
June - 20 - 2010

Today at 1045 hrs, the board software upgrades were rolled out for public release. This is a feature addition and bug fix update.

* Added guided posting utility (view)
* Added a more prominent global PM notification
* Added a What’s new notification for new members
* Updates to KDialogue, the engine behind the forum’s KDialogue and KDE Contests areas.
* Numerous performance fixes.

Please report all bugs at under the component
You can find the official announcement here:

Enjoy! 🙂

Posted by Sayak
June - 5 - 2010

As always, the forum team is ever active and has always looking for esteemed volunteers as new members of the KDE forum staff. Our recent management meeting gave us the names of three individuals as new members of the forum staff:

1. Ivan (ivan@kdeforum): Of course, Ivan doesn’t need an introduction. Apart from his outstanding work with plasma, especially Lancelot, Ivan is an active contributor at the forums as well. Taking into account his urge to help out users despite of having a busy schedule, Ivan has perfectly fitted into the forum team structure as a global moderator.

2. Svein (Oceanwatcher@kdeforum): Previously a forum moderator at the KDE forums, Svein has shown significant activity in the core team discussions as well. A person who upholds the CoC and is helpful at the same time, Svein is now a part of the global moderator team at the forums.

3. Bill (google01103@kdeforum): Bill has been an active contributor at the forums since the very beginning. He is not only involved with user support but has been a participant at the KDE Brainstorm area as well. Considering his quality of response and sincerity, Bill is a great addition to the KDE forum staff.

In addition to the team restructure, we, as always have a lot of other things coming up as well. We’ve introduced some new utilities that would further improve user experience and ease-of-usage. Read here for details on this 😉

Posted by Sayak
May - 26 - 2010

With this guide, I’m trying to simplify the setting up of a WAMP stack on your computer. To begin with, you’ll need the appropriate setup files:

Once you have the required setup files, all you need is start installing!

Installing Apache

  1. Start with the installation and follow the instructions. When you reach the “Server Information” dialog, you can use the following settings there:
    Apache Server Settings

    Apache Server Settings

  2. Once finished, you will see the icon in your system tray. You may otherwise see the icon, which means that “Monitor Apache Servers” is running, but Apache2 isn’t started.
    You can easily start/stop/restart Apache and Apache2 via that icon in your System Tray. If you get “The requested operation has failed!” error while starting apache use the “Test Configuration” shortcut in the Start Menu to find the error (if the text window pops up then closes before you can read it, your config file is fine).
  3. Now to check if apache is running. Normally, apache should start listening to port 80. In some cases, it might bind to port 8080 instead.
    Open your browser and visit http://localhost/ or http://localhost:8080/
    If it shows the It works! you have your server software installed and running. If it doesn’t, you may log on to and join #httpd to ask your queries.
    We will be configuring apache later in this tutorial.

Installing MySQL

  1. Run the MySQL installer and choose Typical installation and proceed.
  2. Once installation is complete and you are on the Wizard Completed window, make sure you have the checkboxes as indicated below:

    MySQL setup

    MySQL setup

  3. Upon clicking Finish, the MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard window will open.
  4. Select Standard Configuration when asked for as shown:

    MySQL configuration

    MySQL configuration

  5. In the next window, make sure to:
    a. Check the Install as Windows Service checkbox. Service name should me MySQL. You may also want to check Launch MySQL server automatically checkbox.
    b. Check the Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH checkbox as well. Click on Next button.

    MySQL configuration

    MySQL configuration

  6. In the next window, enter and confirm a root password. Write this down somewhere as you might need it later. I recommend to keep Enable root access from remote machines unchecked. Also, Create an anonymous account checkbox should be kept unchecked. Click on Next and then Execute buttons.
  7. Once finished, open cmd (Command Prompt) and type in the following to go to the MySQL prompt:
mysql -u root -p

Installing PHP

  1. Launch the installation wizard. When you reach the Destination Folder window, choose “C:\PHP”.
  2. In the next window, you have to select your web server setup. Choose Apache 2.2.x Module and click next.
  3. In the Apache configuration directory window, browse to the folder where httpd.conf file is stored. For me, it is in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\
  4. In the Choose items to install window, select the following:
    a. Script executables
    b. GD2, MySQL and MySQLi (you can find these after expanding Extensions)
  5. Click Next and begin the installation. Everything will be done automatically!

Configuring Apache

Now all you are left with the configuration part. Open the httpd.conf files usually located inside Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\
Windows Vista/7 users make sure you open your text editor with administrator privileges before doing that. You can open notepad (or any other text editor by right clicking on it’s start menu entry and selecting Run as Administrator
Once you’ve opened httpd.conf, make the following changes:

  1. You can make apache point to your own folder. To do that, search for DocumentRoot and change it from the default htdocs folder to whatever of your choice. You also need to make another change.. scroll down or search for <Directory> tags. You’ll need to change the directory tag with the htdocs path to the same one you specified above.
  2. Remember, I said that apache may bind to 8080 in some cases. If your localhost opens only when you specify localhost:8080 try searching for the Listen directive in httpd.conf and change the port number to 80.

Finally, click on the apache icon in the system tray and restart apache.

That’s all! Get a beer, sit back and enjoy! 🙂

If you face any configuration issues, feel free to ask here.

Posted by Sayak
January - 13 - 2010

Ever since I watched the movie Avatar, I can’t help but watch it all over again and again. But well, what I actually look for are the scenes where Neytiri fought, or flew etc. The way she defended Jake, the way she saved his life in the end, she is pure and strong at the same time; she has a really sweet smile – she is perfect! I wonder if I am going nuts 😐

Well, on a serious note, I have been doing some homework, and apparently I’m not the only one who is totally intimidated by her. There are communities on Neytiri fans who love her for reasons similar to mine. Thanks to those, I now have a bunch of HQ wallpapers of her. But every time I look at my desktop, I am saddened by the fact that she isn’t real. But I really do hope to find someone like her, or well, a little less blue 🙂

Neytiri the princess

Neytiri the princess

Posted by Sayak
December - 31 - 2009

I discovered that directly importing from GMail to Thunderbird (hereinafter TB) loses all important information and leaves the address-book non-functional. So I thought I’d write here the way I got it working.

  1. In your google account, goto Contacts.
  2. Click on the “Export” link on the top right side of the box.
  3. Export it in “Outlook CSV” format and save the file to a desirable location.
  4. Open Microsoft Outlook (2007 in my case) and goto File -> Import and Export.
  5. Make sure “Import  from another program or file” is highlighted and click “Next”
  6. Select “Comma separated values (Windows)” and click “Next”
  7. Select the downloaded file and click “Next”
  8. In the “Select destination folder” area, highlight the “Contacts” entry and click “Next”
  9. Click the “Finish button”. Outlook will import all contact, please wait while it does that.
  10. Once finished, close Outlook and launch Thunderbird.
  11. In the Thunderbird window, goto Tools -> Import
  12. Select “Address Books” option and click “Next”
  13. Select “Outlook” from the menu and click “Next”
  14. Click the “Finish” button and you’re done!

That should be all. This is just a 10 minute procedure that will import all your Google mail contacts to Thunderbird. Enjoy!

Posted by Sayak
December - 30 - 2009

I’m sure this is already used by quite many, although I think this is worth a share. For all those who download keys from warez sites and have those blacklisted every now and then, this is a way of using a KIS 2010 (or KAV 2010) installation for one full month without being bothered.

To begin with, download the trial reset program from here:

Please turn off the Kaspersky auto protect when you do this, as KIS/KAV would detect this as a Trojan (yea, spicy huh?).

Anyway, once you have the file, you would need to disable the  “Self Defense” option from the Kaspersky Settings > Options. You should also disable the auto protect feature by using “Pause protection” from the Kaspersky context menu. Once done, execute this program and click the “Trial reset” button. This will give you a 30 day trial license, whenever you run it. So execute it once every 30 days and enjoy using Kaspersky forever!

PS: Don’t forget to add this to your exclusions list as you don’t want KIS to delete this file, do you? 🙂

Posted by Sayak
December - 30 - 2009

Have been using Windows 7 for some time now. I really love the performance boost I experience when compared to Vista, although I sincerely feel that it has some usability issues which I didn’t find even in Vista:

1. The taskbar text doesn’t have a dark border or a dark colored cloud. So in cases where the background becomes white, the text is almost unreadable:


Start Menu

I feel that the text should have a dark color with a white cloud around it, or vice versa.

2. The control panel window when maximized lacks a much needed left panel. I wonder why the left panel has been removed.

3. Small icon mode isn’t very pretty for the taskbar. The taskbar overall lacks a 3D view and looks somehow – broken..

4. Windows Media Player 12 lacks the glass background at the controls area. As you can see in the following picture, the WMP window at the front doesn’t have the glass controls like the Windows photo viewer window at the background.

Media Player

I wonder if there’s a way I can convey these to Microsoft.

PS: I’ve become a fan of the Aero peek functions. Also, loving the new taskbar thumbnails! 🙂

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