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Posted by Sayak
July - 23 - 2011

Well, the title is misleading. It isn’t actually dead (or the former ain’t alive either, technically :P)

But it’s quite funny how the widgets show my CPU and RAM usage:

Well, on a technical end, I am fine with the RAM usage, it’s not even 50%. But the CPU spikes isn’t what makes me very comfortable. ‘top’ says that’s it’s Amarok that causes them. Amarok in general uses resources quite efficiently. But the collection scanner is what that causes this spike. Is it the fact that my collection is on a NTFS drive? Should I be worried about that?

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July - 16 - 2011

That will be #kde-www on freenode. What do we do there? Well, pretty much everything! Starting from meetings to general discussions. And we recently merged #kde-forum with #kde-www. We also have our own IRC bot that announces KDE Forum posts to the channel (if you want that for your channel, just ask!).

Are you a web enthusiast? Do you code kickass web scripts? Do you think Chuck Norris is awesome? You know where to find us.

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July - 14 - 2011

The plugin is finally complete! Now, anyone with or without a forum account can use his/her Identity credentials. They plugin will then ask you whether you wish to merge it with an existing account, or create a new one. Creating a new account is as simple as filling in four text boxes. Please also note that these are one time activities, i.e. once you gave linked you account with your Identity user, you’ll be able to login with your Identity credentials. What more, the plugin also remembers your last choice (whether to use Identity login, or not) and hence, saves time.

Linking accounts

Official announcement:ย
KDE Community Forums homepage:

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July - 13 - 2011

Notice: See updated post:ย

KDE Community Forum ( now has an option that lets you log in using your KDE Identity ( credentials. The feature isn’t fully finished yet, and has a partial implementation as of now.

To use your Identity credentials, you must have a forum account for now. You can go to the User control panel -> Profile -> Account settingsย to link your Identity username with your forum account. Once done, you can then log into the forum with your Identity credentials by checking “Log in using KDE Identity” option on the login page.

Soon, it will also have the option to link an account right from the login page and/or create a new user.

Posted by Sayak
May - 15 - 2011

Disclaimer: All information reflected on this page are solely my own views and is in no way any form of official data. Neither me, nor the company is responsible for any deviations in the facts provided here. This information is based on my training experience back in January 2010, and some of it might already have changed and therefore, might be outdated. Please do not contact me personally or post your questions in other blog posts or on Facebook, such comments will not be replied to.

I completed my training in the month of May 2010. I’m in production since then and am working in the United States a client location. I’m a part of the Infosys Retail department, and I work with .Net technologies.

Q: Is Infosys training tough?
A: Yes, it is tough. But is it impossible to get through? No, not at all. I was never great with academics (not considering school education here, everyone was a winner back then), although at Mysore, I scored a GPA of 5 on 5. It’s all about how much you can bend yourself, or you might say, how much you care. We were given every single resource we might need to comfortably clear the training. Of course, it depends upon us if we use them or not. So if you are worried that you might not be able to take it, don’t be, it’s worth a try.

Q: I am a non computer science student and I don’t have IT skills. Can I make it through?
A: Even if you were a computer science pro at your college, that wont matter much here. What they teach is from the very basics. Their course material, especially for the non-CSE students is extremely detailed and very simple to understand (again, depends upon if you are really willing to learn). We got slides and a lab guide for every module, and I can’t remember even a single question in the exams that didn’t come from those slides. Baseline is, don’t start mugging up from a million books and from the internet, that would just make things worse. I didn’t touch a single book in my entire training. And I cracked it pretty fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

Q: Do I need to study anything before I go there?
A: It’s not required. You might end up in a different technology than what you might prepare at home. But if you really want to do something, you can brush up your C/C++ and basic SQL/Oracle skills. That’s because these were the generic technologies they offered to everyone in our batch. I guess they still do that.

Q: What happens if I can’t clear the training?
A: Think of it like a university entrance exam. You crack it, you’re in. You don’t, you’re not. Although we were a part of an internship program, so the trainees who weren’t able to clear it in the first attempt were given a second chance to clear it with the regular long cycle trainees. Although if you get into the regular 6 month training, you just get one chance.

Q: Is internship different from regular training?
A: Yes. First of all, you will do your internship before you even pass out of your college, most likely in your final semester. Your college would either give you a crash course, or may even just hand you your engineering degree just like that ๐Ÿ™‚ But that’s not your headache, like for example, our final semester was a 20 day episode where we studied everything. We had classes even on Sundays! But we guys had a 6 month advantage over the regular trainees, as in we were in production months before they started.
The internship program at Infosys had a theory section of 1.5 month duration, and a 2.5 month project, which later was taken as our final year project at our college. Internship is not tough, although since you have less time, it’s more hectic. You have classes on Saturdays as well, and you rarely get time to relax. But once the project period starts, you can enjoy yourself. Just make sure you don’t mess up your project though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Q: I’ve heard that they conduct an exam before the training starts to decide if I go into fast track or regular training. Is that true?
A: If you ask me, I’d say no. That’s because none of our college seniors, or our juniors, or our batch had to give an exam. If you’re a CSE guy, you will have a shorter training period. Non-CS guys have a longer one.

Q: Do I get to choose my stream (Java/.Net)?
A: Yes and no. Yes as in our case, we were given an option. No as our college juniors were not. It all depends upon the company.

Q: What project do they ask us to work upon during the training period?
A: For the regular long cycle trainees, there was a 15 day project (this information comes from my non-CSE friends). For the interns (also known as Fast Track trainees), we had a fully blown 2.5 month project. You may/may not get a chance to do a project in the technology you were trained in. Although in 99% cases in our batch, trainees got projects in their own technologies.

Q: Do I need to take anything with me to Mysore?
A: Just clothes and grooming stuff. No need to take pillows or blankets, they provide all that. You’ll enjoy staying that their Employee Care Center (ECC) hostels. It in no way less than a 5-star hotel room. You have air-conditioned rooms with plasma TVs, room service and whatnot.

Q: Do I have to share a room?
A: Depends. The girls of our batch were given two-seater rooms, while the guys got private ones. I guess you’ll know what you get once you are allotted a room.

Q: What all facilities do they have at the Mysore campus?
A: Everything! A multiplex, supermarkets, salons, hospitals, a pool, a sports complex and so on. Basically everything you can think of in a resort. Mysore campus is a beauty. It’s a lifetime experience. You’ll understand what I’m saying once you get there ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: What about food?
A: Well what about it? You have everything starting from North Indian meals to South Indian servings. You have Domino’s, CCD and a floating restaurant with wonderful delicacies served every day. Not only that, you have a range of bakeries and ice-cream parlors. I gained 6 kilograms in 4.5 months.

Q: Are they stringent about in and out timings?
A: Well, 15000 trainees in that campus, it’s only fair. Don’t challenge the system just for the heck of it. Don’t do anything stupid that might put you in serious trouble.

Q: Can my relatives/friends visit?
A: Yes, but only on weekends. You can even book a guest house for them inside the campus, and the room rent is nominal.

Q: My question isn’t listed above. What do I do?
A: Stop searching the internet about Infosys training and go do something useful!! Uhm OK, I agree, everybody is a bit curious, right? Even I was. But maybe you’ll get to know once you reach there. Infosys gave me a world class experience at Mysore campus. They polished me with their training program as well as they pampered me with their facilities. My training experience is the one thing I’ll remember all my life.

Posted by Sayak
February - 15 - 2011

So what’s going on behind the curtains? A lot of stuff. Planning, long spreadsheets, and exciting discussions. In a nutshell, we’re trying to make sure that the event is a big hit! And how far are we? Well..

Hmm, that’s all from the top of my head. Oh and you might know that I hang out in the KDE webby world. And if you’re a web guy as well, you should attend the webteam talk by Ingo Malchow. And of course, we have a pretty long list of promising talks that you can find here: Just pick what suits you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, if you haven’t registered already, quickly follow the registration link above and get your tickets to the conference. Don’t forget to spread the word ๐Ÿ™‚

See you at

Posted by Sayak
January - 9 - 2011

I’ve added a paste expiry feature to since, well, it’s just logical to have it.

Paste Expiry

Since the maximum paste life is now 1 month, the life of all existing pastes have been set to 1 month, starting from their respective creation dates.

Additionally, now we also have a product on BugZilla if you wish to report any bugs/wishes. By the way, did I say already? Pastebin has a new home now:

That’s pretty much everything. Happy pasting!

Posted by Sayak
December - 12 - 2010

Just tried Firefox 4 (Minefield) on my Kubuntu box and I must say, it is THE fastestย  browser I have ever used. Plus the interface is quite impressive as well.

Firefox 4

The integration with KDE was easy. Just download this theme (it is compatible with FF 4.0).

You might also want to use a KDE-ish file picker. To do that, type about:config in your address bar, and search for file_picker. Set ui.allow_platform_file_picker to false.

Viola! You’re done.

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December - 5 - 2010

The KDE Forum board engine (phpBB) has been upgraded to a newer version (3.0.8).

The upgrade went smoothly as expected. In case you stumble across an error in any section of the forum, let us know by sending a PM to the admin group on the forum, or drop us a mail to forum-admin at kde dot org.

Related links:

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October - 31 - 2010

After almost a month’s research, I figured out that D90 was the best way to invest when buying a DSLR camera. This is my first DSLR, and I’m hopefully catching up fast. 24 hours down with the camera, I’ve already made up my mind about not using the flash again, and that somehow, images look much better without flash. But in any case, I’ve done nothing but play with the camera in the last 24 hours.

D90 Front

D90 Front

D90 Front

D90 Body

D90 Back

D90 Back

Nikkor 18-105mm Lens

Nikkor 18-105mm Lens

The D90 is a mid range Nikon DSLR which arguably has the Canon EOS 550D as its competitor. Honestly, Canon doesn’t stand a chance, but there were times when I was seriously considering to get the 550D as of its powerful new image processor. At the store, D90 somehow felt much better in my hand and my initial clicks were razor sharp with D90’s good enough 18-105mm lens. I didn’t really even look at 550D once the store guy shot a photo in a near dark room with the D90. Man, he had steady hands.

Since then, I’ve been trying to get sharp images in the dark with slower shutter speeds. Seems like I need some serious practice. I’m yet to get used to the 11 focus points the D90 offers as I rarely use the LiveView mode. The camera allows me to take about 540 snaps at the finest quality mode (JPEG) on the 4GB memory card that came in with the kit. The battery gives something around 450-500 snaps, although I also did a 5 minute D-Movie in between.

The performance is unquestionable. Nikon vs Canon, be it a long time debate, boils down to Nikon earning the throne. Totally worth it.

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