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Posted by Sayak
October - 2 - 2013

I deployed a new version of KDE Pastebin today – which should be available at Here are a few things to note:

  • Even though will redirect you to, the old API is still available at
  • The new API will be available at Please refer to the API specs here:
  • Please update your client to use the new API at If the users that use your client switch to the latest version of your client app, they will end up using behind the scenes. The users who haven’t updated to the latest client app yet will continue using the old API.
  • The old API will be deprecated on Jan 31 2014.
  • After Jan 31 2014, will also have the new API endpoints. However, will also exist indefinitely as an alias to – so you can continue using that URL.

10 Responses to “KDE Pastebin API updates”

  1. That’s awesome, it gives us ample time to update Plasma’s pastebin Plasmoid. Thanks!

  2. Albert says:

    Why are you developing this in github and not kde git? Is there anything using the old API?

    • Sayak says:

      Personal choice – I can use whatever I want to! 😉 But to be honest, just to give it more visibility.

      Plus, this is not a KDE project (it is also used by Fedora, CentOS, Chakra and many other projects). However, I do maintain a mirror at

      We do it the same way for all webapps we have, including drupal, chiliproject, MediaWiki and phpBB.

      Currently, pastebinit and the paste plasmoid uses the old API.

      • Laszlo Papp says:

        You could still host it under KDE while used by other projects, but I guess it is your call. 🙂

        Although it makes me wonder: we do not have enough visibility in KDE? Can we improve that somehow? What are the bottlenecks?

  3. mark says:


    I’d like to ask to make a change in paste stuff on the website.

    In a paste you have line numbers and some line hover color. Thus far just fine. However, when you click a line – anywhere in the line – then somehow someone apparently thought it is smart to automatically scroll down with the clicked line as the top most visible thing. That is so freaking annoying! If you just clicke a few times in a diff then you have jumped through the entire diff. Gitorious has done the same thing in their code viewer and quite frankly it sucks!

    Note: i really don’t know how to explain this very well, but i hope the above makes some sense 🙂

  4. kero says:

    thanks for the new version

  5. Evgeniy says:

    just installed under nginx+php-fpm, works good.
    thanks for paste script.

  6. Srinibash Dhal says:

    It’s awesome..It is very good thought and using github will definitely help you..Best wishes for you

  7. sunder raman says:

    Wonderful app. You can also add an api call for the IP address of the people who have viewed the paste. It will give the original user a track of where the paste is fetches from. 😉 I

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