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Posted by Sayak
August - 19 - 2012

Today, we finished upgrading one of the most visited KDE websites: KDE.News. The Dot now not only runs on drupal’s latest release (7.15), but also has a fresh new look featuring the Neverland theme.


The main aim of this theme is to serve a clean yet beautiful interface. We’ve taken extra care in having the views pixel perfect.

As always, if you find any issues with the upgrade or with the theme, please file a bug report. Happy reading!

4 Responses to “KDE News ( undergoes major upgrade”

  1. Great work!

    The next is Planet KDE? =)

    I am testing the neverland theme in wordpress for KDE Brazil blog, but I am preferring the marguerite neverland theme of I KDE (

    Which KDE website is using wordpress + neverland currently?


    • Sayak says:

      Currently, the WordPress theme is being worked upon by Ingo Malchow. You can see the WIP version here:

    • Ingo Malchow says:

      Wow, this “neverland” theme is not related to our neverland at all, at least not in terms of collaboration. And apart from the font it doesn’t have that many similarities.
      There is one upcoming site that uses wordpress and neverland in combination, but nothing we can tell yet. Oh, and of course the mainsite of kde will move to wordpress as well soon.

      And yes, the planet probably will be neverlandified as well.

  2. Eugenio says:

    And the RSS feed is much better too, thanks!

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