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Posted by Sayak
April - 22 - 2012

Last month, Ingo Malchow blogged about Bugzilla and Neverland. I’m happy to announce that another site was added to the Neverland category: the KDE Community Forums have been migrated to our new Neverland theme and also undergone a major revamp at the same time. The main changes are:

  • KDE Brainstorm has been fully integrated with the forum: a decision was reached to discontinue the old software due to maintenance reasons. The voting interface is still partly driven by AJAX, but the rest of the interface has been merged with the main forum structure.
  • Collapsible forums: You can now hide the categories that you don’t use.
  • Visual navigation: Jump through various sections on a page without having to scroll.
  • Hierarchical navigation: Go through a folder’s hierarchy using the new tree style navigation.
  • A new look for the user profile and control panel.
  • A re-designed online friends system and an easy way to send them messages.
  • Context based navigation everywhere for a clutter-free UI

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are really excited about the release and we hope you like using it. If you encounter any bugs with the new design, please file a bug report at under the component.

Here’s a link to the official announcement:
Take a tour of Neverland here:

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