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Posted by Sayak
July - 29 - 2011

A week post the expected release date, I finally announce KDE Identity integration for the KDE Wikis. This means now, you can log into UserBase, TechBase and Community Wiki with your KDE Identity credentials.

So how do you use it? Start with clicking on the OpenID / Identity Login link at the bottom of the sidebar. On the login page, choose KDE Identity, and enter your Identity credentials (if you don’t have one already, register here). You’ll be taken to a page where you can either link your Identity account with an existing user on the wiki, or create a new user. And you’re done!

Important: If you are an existing OpenID user on any of these wikis, and you originally created your account using an OpenID provider, you may not have a password at all. So linking to your existing account will not be possible from the login prompt. In such cases, log into the wiki with your existing OpenID account, go to My Preferences, click on the OpenID tab and click on the Add new OpenID link at the bottom in the Logins associated with your account section. That should let you add your Identity account to your existing account.

Please note that this is a beta release of the plugin. It will be much appreciated if you file a bug in case you find one!

3 Responses to “KDE Wikis love Identity!”

  1. Stalla CFA says:

    Didn’t you find inspiration from, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet..”.

  2. I will retort Failure is only postponed success as long as courage coaches ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory. or might To forgive is human to forget divine. . ..

  3. CopyKat says:

    I always wondered I didn’t need to login when it came to the open ID forms.

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