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Posted by Sayak
January - 9 - 2011

I’ve added a paste expiry feature to since, well, it’s just logical to have it.

Paste Expiry

Since the maximum paste life is now 1 month, the life of all existing pastes have been set to 1 month, starting from their respective creation dates.

Additionally, now we also have a product on BugZilla if you wish to report any bugs/wishes. By the way, did I say already? Pastebin has a new home now:

That’s pretty much everything. Happy pasting!

6 Responses to “KDE Pastebin: Paste expiry”

  1. Hey, thanks for adding that feature and setting up It’s a really nice addition to the KDE websites.

    Can you make the default expiry longer? One day is quite little time for typical IRC usage. It’d also be nice to be able to choose a longer period than one month to store pastes.

  2. mee says:

    But then it cant be used for error log psating in a forum.
    If someone after an month looks at the Forum poste, they dont know what he is talking about because the log is gone.
    Or am i missing something here?

  3. Lukas says:

    But, is it really reasonable to have max 1 month? As for IRC 7 days is more than enough. But it becomes impossible to use it with emails or forums 🙁

    Might be it reasonable to add something like “Keep for maximum period of time”. It could means keep track of last access time for pastes older than 7 days (to save servers resources, because most most uses, i bet, is within 1st day of pastes life). And then extend life of the paste for the same period of time of by fixed 6 months. 🙂

  4. Dotan Cohen says:

    One month as a maximum? The average life of a bug on BKO far exceeds a single month, and some bugs last years. I sure hope that you are archiving the pastes from active storage with the ability to retrieve them if the need arises, rather than forever deleting them.

  5. Sayak says:

    Hmm, alright, I’ll add an option to have a “keep forever” or something.

  6. Sayak says:

    Added. Pastes whose lifetime was set to 1 month have been set to permanent. All new pastes will allow users to set their lifetime.

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