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Posted by Sayak
December - 12 - 2010

Just tried Firefox 4 (Minefield) on my Kubuntu box and I must say, it is THE fastestĀ  browser I have ever used. Plus the interface is quite impressive as well.

Firefox 4

The integration with KDE was easy. Just download this theme (it is compatible with FF 4.0).

You might also want to use a KDE-ish file picker. To do that, type about:config in your address bar, and search for file_picker. Set ui.allow_platform_file_picker to false.

Viola! You’re done.

2 Responses to “The fastest browser”

  1. Manish Sinha says:

    Long back when I tried Firefox on KDE, I never saw this looking so native. Whenever I used Konquerer I always found it to be half baked. Anyway the default browser on GNOME (Epiphany) is also busted (when compared to Firefox and Chrome)

    Thanks for telling that it is very fast. Need to get back to Firefox from Chrome.

  2. That file picker thing was sweet!

    Guess I’m bookmarking this.

    Kudos for your work on KDE forums!

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