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Posted by Sayak
July - 13 - 2010

Just one week without my laptop and I am already going crazy. No matter how great the phone is, it simply cannot replace my precious notebook. No clue what I am mumbling about? Well, I am in the middle of a two week training at my company. They don’t allow personal laptops inside the campus so I had to leave mine back at home. And I already am banging my head hard on the walls. 🙁

Actually, this was anticipated. But still, I often come across some situations where I might need the source of a webpage of a JS console, and I realize that my Opera Mobile 10 doesn’t allow me to have either, it simply .. sucks. 😛
I am using a Nokia E71 with Opera Mobile 10 to surf. As of certificate issues (even after disabling certificate verification), I couldn’t use S60 based IRC clients like mIRGGI, so I had to fall back to Virca. Virca isn’t that bad, but it lacks quite a few stuff. But again, what more can you expect of a Java app. For social networking, I use Facebook and Orkut apps, although I personally think that surfing them from the mobile browser is better. For mail, I use Nokia mail with GMail that I purchased unknowingly with my handset (apparently it was included in the price). And for rest of the stuff, I simply fall back to Opera.

I don’t have 3G access at my location so all I have is Edge connectivity, giving me a maximum of 360 Kb/s. I was suffering with terrible low speed until I realized the Opera Turbo was slowing down the network. Disabling Opera Turbo now gives me acceptable browsing speed. It is about 1/10th of my home bandwidth, but do I have a choice?

For now, I have no idea how long this exile will go on, probably another week. Till then, I’ll live with “saas bahu” serials as FIFA just wrapped up (although well, I still am celebrating Spain’s victory.. Too bad Germany didn’t win, but I prefer Spain over Holland). Or maybe Cartoon Network? 😛

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