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Posted by Sayak
June - 23 - 2010

Yesterday while stumbling across FB, I discovered a video from a guy who used to be a classmate during my high school days.
Man, I couldn’t help loving the song. Here’s the original version:

So again, for the day, I have found ‘my song’ which I can listen over and over again. Till date, my personal favorites include The book of love (Peter Gabriel), Here without you (3 doors down), Crazy for this girl (Evan & Jaron), Wisemen (James Blunt), The scientist (Coldplay), The reason (Hoobastank), Red to black (Fort Minor), Lonely (Akon), One more day (Vast) .. and many more I can’t recall at this moment.
But ironically, during the last few years, I’ve found thousands of ‘my songs’ which eventually went boring as I listened to them over and over again.

So I wonder if anybody really has a song who he/she can listen over and over again, probably the perfect song.. Do you have a perfect song?

18 Responses to “Your music?”

  1. Lukas says:

    There isn’t the perfect song…

    It would need a big mess of song to describe everything I like in musics…

    But well I found some great bands, don’t wanna call them perfect as nothing is… especially Thrice is worth a mention…

  2. Cristi says:

    Ace of Base – Everytime it rains

  3. Richard says:

    LOL, that is so true.. I mean, I cannot settle for one song ever 🙂

  4. Bit-0 says:

    I am a big time Hoobastank fan. I usually listen to Disappear or Crawling in the dark every time.

  5. Raghav says:

    Dude, the video you tagged on facebook is really great 🙂 Somehow even sounds better than the original one!

  6. Sonam says:

    I’m not really the hard rock type, and I prefer soft music. Darius is my favorite.

  7. Thomas Patty says:

    So I wonder if anybody really has a song who he/she can listen over and over again, probably the perfect song

    No wonder you get bored of them 😉

  8. Ivan says:

    Well, since progressive albums can’t really be separated into songs, I can honestly say that I can listen any of the non-Barret Pink Floyd albums for ever and ever, no matter of the mood I’m in.

    Especially the P.U.L.S.E.

  9. Cristi says:

    Richard Marx – Hazard
    Amy Winehouse – Wake up alone

  10. arwa says:

    The Mars Volta.
    Album1: Amputechture
    Album2: Francis the mute

    It took a while to get into their style of music, because it did sound to hard and noisy when listening to them first. But after a while I found their music so melodic and great… I cannot describe.

    Another great, more jazzy band: Jaga Jazzist (Album: A living room hush)

  11. arwa says:

    Oh, and certainly: Muse

  12. zed58 says:

    Iron Maiden moves me!

  13. Phil says:

    I undoubtedly vote for Nickelback.. I can’t stop listening to it.

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