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Posted by Sayak
June - 30 - 2010

I finally finished with the WordPress upgrade process. I ended up with version 3.0 and all latest version of plugins, including my theme.

The best part of WordPress is the ease with which you can do anything and everything. Being easy to use is often misunderstood as having less features. WordPress offers a range of powerful tools at the blog owner’s disposal. I say this in reference to how I upgraded my blog. All I needed to do was upload the updated version of WordPress, overwriting the older copy present on my web-host. Once that was complete, I logged in to the Dashboard to see an “Upgrade the database” notice. With just a click of a button, the database was changed to the newer version without any hassles whatsoever!

Not only upgrading, WordPress is also great in it’s first installation. All you need is to click “Install” and you’re done. 🙂
Of course, if  you don’t have a pre-populated config file, you might have to enter your database details, but that is pretty much everything 🙂

Writing entries with a powerful WYSIWYG editor with a versatile ‘kitchen sink’ is really fun. I never actually felt the need of installing a blogging software as it is always convenient to drop in the blog admin area and make a new post. Plus, with the right combination of plugins and themes, you can create a nice output, like I have the front page gallery featuring the jQuery carousel plugin.

Last but not the least, WordPress has a wonderful community both at and on IRC. I have to say, the performance shown by WordPress is not only impressive, but nothing IMHO stands a chance before this wonderful blogging software. I strongly recommend everyone who is looking for a blogging framework to go for WordPress without any hesitations. 🙂

Posted by Sayak
June - 23 - 2010

Yesterday while stumbling across FB, I discovered a video from a guy who used to be a classmate during my high school days.
Man, I couldn’t help loving the song. Here’s the original version:

So again, for the day, I have found ‘my song’ which I can listen over and over again. Till date, my personal favorites include The book of love (Peter Gabriel), Here without you (3 doors down), Crazy for this girl (Evan & Jaron), Wisemen (James Blunt), The scientist (Coldplay), The reason (Hoobastank), Red to black (Fort Minor), Lonely (Akon), One more day (Vast) .. and many more I can’t recall at this moment.
But ironically, during the last few years, I’ve found thousands of ‘my songs’ which eventually went boring as I listened to them over and over again.

So I wonder if anybody really has a song who he/she can listen over and over again, probably the perfect song.. Do you have a perfect song?

Posted by Sayak
June - 20 - 2010

Today at 1045 hrs, the board software upgrades were rolled out for public release. This is a feature addition and bug fix update.

* Added guided posting utility (view)
* Added a more prominent global PM notification
* Added a What’s new notification for new members
* Updates to KDialogue, the engine behind the forum’s KDialogue and KDE Contests areas.
* Numerous performance fixes.

Please report all bugs at under the component
You can find the official announcement here:

Enjoy! 🙂

Posted by Sayak
June - 5 - 2010

As always, the forum team is ever active and has always looking for esteemed volunteers as new members of the KDE forum staff. Our recent management meeting gave us the names of three individuals as new members of the forum staff:

1. Ivan (ivan@kdeforum): Of course, Ivan doesn’t need an introduction. Apart from his outstanding work with plasma, especially Lancelot, Ivan is an active contributor at the forums as well. Taking into account his urge to help out users despite of having a busy schedule, Ivan has perfectly fitted into the forum team structure as a global moderator.

2. Svein (Oceanwatcher@kdeforum): Previously a forum moderator at the KDE forums, Svein has shown significant activity in the core team discussions as well. A person who upholds the CoC and is helpful at the same time, Svein is now a part of the global moderator team at the forums.

3. Bill (google01103@kdeforum): Bill has been an active contributor at the forums since the very beginning. He is not only involved with user support but has been a participant at the KDE Brainstorm area as well. Considering his quality of response and sincerity, Bill is a great addition to the KDE forum staff.

In addition to the team restructure, we, as always have a lot of other things coming up as well. We’ve introduced some new utilities that would further improve user experience and ease-of-usage. Read here for details on this 😉

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