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Posted by Sayak
January - 13 - 2010

Ever since I watched the movie Avatar, I can’t help but watch it all over again and again. But well, what I actually look for are the scenes where Neytiri fought, or flew etc. The way she defended Jake, the way she saved his life in the end, she is pure and strong at the same time; she has a really sweet smile – she is perfect! I wonder if I am going nuts 😐

Well, on a serious note, I have been doing some homework, and apparently I’m not the only one who is totally intimidated by her. There are communities on Neytiri fans who love her for reasons similar to mine. Thanks to those, I now have a bunch of HQ wallpapers of her. But every time I look at my desktop, I am saddened by the fact that she isn’t real. But I really do hope to find someone like her, or well, a little less blue 🙂

Neytiri the princess

Neytiri the princess

12 Responses to “In love with Neytiri”

  1. nick says:

    i absolutely know what you mean.. i almost wish i never watched this movie, its a fucking horrible feeling knowing she doesn’t exist..

    best movie ive ever watched though, in my opinion. james cameron did such an outstanding job, the world just sucks you in and you never want to leave. its like waking up from the perfect dream, but a million times worse. I even cried when the tree fell and when neytiri rescued jake even though they were so different. just amazing

  2. obsessedney says:

    i totally hear you, i was like anti avatar, before i watched it. Now its my favorite movie, and i totally understand the people who preformed suicide cause they couldn’t live there. I have a girlfriend, and i feel that my obsession with neytiri is making me feel less about my girl. But i’ll just have to let the days go by and see if i can get her out of my mind (rule34 plx though 😀 )

  3. Sayak says:

    As I’m finally away from my computer for a long time (at some place where I can’t watch this movie), I think I am finally beginning to get over this. Although I’m quite sure that next month when I get hold of my laptop, everything will come back again 🙁

  4. obsessedney says:

    @Nick Yeah, i kind of wish i didn’t see it now, it’s like an empty space in me that i can’t get away. He did an outstanding job on the movie, and i felt like i was there (i was watchhing it in 3d)
    i was rushed by all kinds of emotions.

  5. tom says:

    You re not going nuts… the sheer number of people that express their feelings about neytiri online backs it up. Plus i dont think it s any kind of fetish… james cameron himself said he wanted her to be attractive and f**kable
    -tall (attractive)
    -athletic (attractive to lots of men)
    -she seems to be honest, pure and strong (personality wise) (something you dont get from females nowadays)

    The most beautiful moment in the movie (to me) is the “neytiri rescuing human jake” scene. It s the movies first direct interaction between human and navi on an emotional basis.

  6. Aman says:

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    thanks 4 d info abt d training of infy..
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  7. Nicholas says:

    18 months after Avatar came out and I STILL love Neytiri

    I think I will always love her LOL

  8. Nicholas says:

    Well, l am definitely “over” Neytiri now! I have not even watched the movie for two years.

    But l just watched “Host” and now l am in love with “Wander” out of that film!

    Sigh….l guess l will eventually get over her too. But as she looks human at least it is a bit less freaky (to be in love with her that is) than Neytiri.

  9. Nicholas says:

    Yes Neytiri is one of a kind that’s for sure.

  10. Nicholas says:

    Having recently watched Frozen I am now in love with “Elsa”

    There is no hope for me.

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