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Posted by Sayak
December - 30 - 2009

Have been using Windows 7 for some time now. I really love the performance boost I experience when compared to Vista, although I sincerely feel that it has some usability issues which I didn’t find even in Vista:

1. The taskbar text doesn’t have a dark border or a dark colored cloud. So in cases where the background becomes white, the text is almost unreadable:


Start Menu

I feel that the text should have a dark color with a white cloud around it, or vice versa.

2. The control panel window when maximized lacks a much needed left panel. I wonder why the left panel has been removed.

3. Small icon mode isn’t very pretty for the taskbar. The taskbar overall lacks a 3D view and looks somehow – broken..

4. Windows Media Player 12 lacks the glass background at the controls area. As you can see in the following picture, the WMP window at the front doesn’t have the glass controls like the Windows photo viewer window at the background.

Media Player

I wonder if there’s a way I can convey these to Microsoft.

PS: I’ve become a fan of the Aero peek functions. Also, loving the new taskbar thumbnails! 🙂

3 Responses to “Windows 7 usability issues”

  1. BSmith says:

    Why not try the Microsoft communication portal at MSDN?

  2. amar dev singh says:

    Wanted to install Ubantu on my windows system along with My windlow 7 , Help me any reference who can have experience in the same.

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