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Posted by Sayak
December - 21 - 2009

I just had my campus recruitment from 14th to 18th December ’09. I got placed in Infosys Technologies, the top Indian software company and an MNC. For me, the picture is as follows:


  • Training date: Starts from 27th Jan ’10
  • Training location: Infosys Mysore
  • Field(s) of work: Devel, Testing, Mainframe, Webserver etc.
  • Joining date: Immediately after training

Infosys offers this world class training at Mysore. My college will be dispersing the students off on or before 27th Jan and we’ll be ported to Mysore. I am yet to receive any details on what the training will have and what are the DO’s and DONT’s for that. But I am confident that whatever it is, I am ready to take up. I’ve heard that the trainees are so busy that they end up having a daily cycle of 08:00 to 00:30 at night, but this doesn’t scare me in any way. In fact, I am mentally prepared to be burnt out, yet have fun.

I am so looking forwards to the Mysore training. For all those who have got a chance to go for this, I suggest that you shouldn’t think again and go for Infy. It’s an amazing company and a great platform. And of course, the training is the best you can get in this part of the globe. It feels pretty damn good to be an Infoscion!! 😀

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