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Posted by Sayak
September - 29 - 2009

Once again, we are more than happy to release yet another of our wonderful ‘value added services’ at the KDE Community Forums

KDialogue is the ideal place for any KDE user and/or fanboy to ask questions to KDE contributors. And well, the questions can be about anything, not necessarily related to KDE, and we will gladly approve the question as long as it follows the rules. Every KDialogue session will involve interviewing one KDE contributor. Once we have a kdialog session running for a predefined time, we’ll close down the topic and submit the most popular questions (based on voting statistics) to the contributor, which will be then published on

But you already know all this, don’t you? So why wait? Come and join the first interview session with Jonathan Riddell. Ask your questions, or vote upon the ones you find exciting! So see you there 🙂

Posted by Sayak
September - 21 - 2009

As always, a LOT is going on at the KDE Forums. From the top of my head, I could think of the following features we now offer:

  • KDialogue: KDialogue offers a chance to all members of the KDE Community to ask questions that they always wanted to ask. In short, we are offering a open-to-all – and by open-to-all, I mean every user who is enthusiastic about KDE desktop and wishes to know more about the KDE developers and contributors who make KDE possible. We will be contacting a developer at regular intervals. If the developer is available, we will open a topic at the appropriate area where users can post their questions.
    All questions will be voted upon and the questions with the highest number of votes will be passed on to be published at
  • A better, faster search engine: We now use sphinx as our search backend. With sphinx, the minimum 4 character limit for keywords isn’t applicable anymore. Most common words like ‘kde’ can be searched within milliseconds. We later plan to further enhance the search system by integrating tagsearch and a custom RSS feed, all using sphinx.
  • We love git: We are growing more into a code repository! With the extensive amount of new features being added, we needed a better way to update our server. Now we host a git repository locally on the KDE Forum server. The repo serves two purposes:
    1. It keeps the forum copy of the software updated.
    2. It sends commit information to which then announces the commits at our channel #kde-forum (using an IRC bot).

    Moving to GIT has really eased up updating data on our server. Can’t wait to see KDE moving to GIT 😉

  • A new admin! Well, this was somewhat pre-planned. Luca “einar” Beltrame of Italy had been with the forums since the very beginning. Luca conducted a Klassroom course in the initial days. We discovered that he wished to do more, so he joined the global moderators. With his excellent work towards forum promo activities, he quickly became our PR guy. Now as we needed yet another guy who could take care of our baby, we didn’t hesitate in offering him the position of forum administrator and we are really happy that he accepted it gladly.
  • Much more to come! Ofcourse.. but we are also looking for more volunteers. With new ideas coming up everyday, we at this point need some help with code, or other work like translations. By code, I mean coding in PHP for the board software we run (phpBB). So if you are a PHP coder, and you’re interested in participating with the forum team, don’t hesitate to find us on IRC at #kde-forum (network: freenode)

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more 🙂

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