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Posted by Sayak
August - 3 - 2009

We finally take the endeavour to announce the release of the brand new KDE Brainstorm. This is one of the largest MODs installed on our forum software, yet integrates smoothly with phpBB, the board that runs KDE Community Forums.

This upgrade involves numerous changes. I’ll try to cover a few of them here, although there’s much more than these on the menu! 🙂

  • A full AJAX interface

    KDE Brainstorm offers a 100% AJAX interface supported by all modern Gecko and Webkit browsers. For browsers that do not support JavaScript and for our members who like a non-JS environment, the brainstorm interface will provide full functionality and access to all features by switching to a non-JS environment.
  • Dashboard

    Users can choose from a range of filter functionalities offered by the Dashboard. The dashboard allows a user to show unvoted ideas, random selections, popular ideas and ideas held for moderator approval. It also allows the user to limit the number of ideas to a defined age (date of submission).
  • Idea Vault: The idea vault is a storage location for ideas awaiting moderator approval. The vault locks voting on ideas that are not approved. But all other activities like adding comments, editing, deleting and reporting can be done without any restrictions.
  • Inline Editing

    All ideas and comments can be edited easily by the inline edit function. This feature works without JavaScript as well.
  • Easy dupe reporting

    Duplicates can now be reported with just a mouse click (actually, two 😉 ) straight from an Idea-view page.
  • Comment permalinks

    Individual comments can be tracked by their permalinks. Permalink pages only show one comment, linking back to the idea.

  • Hashed link system: The portal uses hashed links in the form brainstorm.php#idea12 and brainstorm.php#cat2_page5 — This linking system is fully compatible with the standard (non-JS) linking system. For example, brainstorm.php?mode=idea&i=5 will redirect to brainstorm.php#idea5. Please note that the hashed linking only works with an AJAX enabled interface.
  • Eyecandy! The portal uses some smooth fade, shrink, hilight and scroll effects for navigation — mainly aimed towards further improving usage experience.

… and many more! A big credit goes to KDE Community Forum staff who devoted their time to thoroughly test the interface for any potential errors in code. Although, I request you to report all bugs you come across at the forum feedback area. Also, please note that this RC1 is a feature freeze release, ie. for now, we’ll not be immediately working on new feature requests.

KDE Brainstorm is a sub-category inside the KDE Community Forums. It is managed and administered by the Forum Staff itself. Furthermore, you will need to register for a forum account in order to have write access to KDE Brainstorm. Contact the forum team at the feedback area or on IRC ( #kde-forum on ) if you have any questions.

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