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Posted by Sayak
May - 9 - 2009

Here I am, up @ 03:30 at night. I have my exams up and going, and will be in the “wrath” till 24th. We have 6 theory and 4 practical exams in one year. Yes, that’s right — considering that we get about 3 months of vacation, we end up having an exam in less than one month’s interval. Now how is that fair? Or is it?

I have a strategy that I follow during exam times. It is always the same with me:
1. Examination courses get declared about 2 weeks before the exam
2. I discover that I have a huge amount of text left to “mug-up”
3. I ignore what I just discovered
4. I start pulling hairs off my scalp 3 days before the exam
5. I somehow manage to finish the course. It is often till the last minute
6. 2 hours of writing business. And I end up doing fairly well (not always, but I can brag about most cases)

So what’s the deal? Why do I freak out each time even though I know it’s gonna be okay? Is it human instinct or just that I am too careless about not preparing early? Or is it just that I have an affection for pink ponies (not that it is relevant, but I thought it’s worth mentioning 😛 )

5 Responses to “Exams again (deep sigh)”

  1. James H. says:

    I simply take a look at the course, and use my imagination on the paper! Although, my grades always suck, so can’t give you good advise 😉

  2. Ron says:

    Piece of advise: screw exams.. They’ll keep coming again and again 😀

  3. Nicolas V says:

    Best of luck! You’ll do well 😉

  4. Benjamin Thomas says:

    Reminds me of my school times. But it was fun mostly. Exams didn’t bother me as I never studied 😉

  5. Jonathan says:

    Don’t worry dude, it will do well.
    My best wishes.

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