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Posted by Sayak
May - 31 - 2009

Hello World!

We now have our very own Staff blog at the KDE Community Forums:

The blog runs on a custom software that integrates with MyBB, the board software we use.
We will be writing about things like forum updates, KDE Brainstorm digests, and more at the staff blog, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the feeds now!

Posted by Sayak
May - 25 - 2009

The KDE Brainstorm ( voting software now has a couple of changes:

1. AJAX Voting: This was posted as an idea, and caught our attention. We soon confirmed that this is more of a necessity than a need. So here it is now!
2. Non-js support: The voting pad now works perfectly on environments that do not support javascript.
3. Forum based locking: We had been notified about the absence of the voting pad in the subforums (Implemented, submitted etc.) and at the same time, the need for voting to be locked inside them. Forum based locking now makes this possible.
4. Integrated plugins: We decided to fuse a few of the supporting extensions of the vote plugin with itself. This upgrade is a rather backend improvement.
.. and some more minor changes.

You can find the official announcement here:

Haven’t submitted your ideas yet? Post your ideas and give you vote now!

Posted by Sayak
May - 21 - 2009

We are proud to announce that KDE Brainstorm has hit 1000+ ideas. You can find the brainstorm section at

The brainstorm forum area is maintained by the Brainstorm Moderator team and our very own KDE Developers. In recent past, our team members einar and Hans formulated and worked on the Brainstorm Digest, and have given us a round of detailed and useful statistics.

Our next step would be to further improve the Brainstorm experience. Quite many changes are already scheduled (can be found at the brainstorm forum with tag [brainstorm]), but we are looking for more! So if you have any ideas related to KDE Brainstorm, we would be glad to discuss it.

Haven’t posted your ideas about KDE yet? Do it now!

Posted by Sayak
May - 9 - 2009

Here I am, up @ 03:30 at night. I have my exams up and going, and will be in the “wrath” till 24th. We have 6 theory and 4 practical exams in one year. Yes, that’s right — considering that we get about 3 months of vacation, we end up having an exam in less than one month’s interval. Now how is that fair? Or is it?

I have a strategy that I follow during exam times. It is always the same with me:
1. Examination courses get declared about 2 weeks before the exam
2. I discover that I have a huge amount of text left to “mug-up”
3. I ignore what I just discovered
4. I start pulling hairs off my scalp 3 days before the exam
5. I somehow manage to finish the course. It is often till the last minute
6. 2 hours of writing business. And I end up doing fairly well (not always, but I can brag about most cases)

So what’s the deal? Why do I freak out each time even though I know it’s gonna be okay? Is it human instinct or just that I am too careless about not preparing early? Or is it just that I have an affection for pink ponies (not that it is relevant, but I thought it’s worth mentioning 😛 )

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