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Posted by Sayak
April - 18 - 2009

As we have had the KDE Brainstorm running for almost a month, reaching its 700th idea today (excluding invalid submissions). This means 27 pages of well discussed ideas that are voted upon by users and managed by developers/staff are now available.

KDE Brainstorm is aimed towards narrowing down developer work at bko and making an organized collection of popular ideas that are easily accessible. It now has it’s own dedicated subdomain at The brainstorm further has a group of subforums, like “Invalid”, “Duplicate”, etc. containing the idea submissions belonging to that particular category.

With many developers now monitoring the brainstorm section, it is now a collection of great ideas for the KDE Desktop and applications, having proper exposure. We also have a team of Brainstorm moderators dedicated towards managing idea submissions, not to mention the forum staff who give their valuable time to help out.

I would soon try to go through my ToDo’s regarding the brainstorm software and would start working towards making KDE Brainstorm yet a better experience. We would always welcome ideas on how improve the KDE Brainstorm interface. Don’t forget to tag your ideas as [Brainstorm] when you suggest features for the software itself.

Haven’t posted your ideas yet? Submit it now!

7 Responses to “KDE Brainstorm: 30 days, 700 ideas!”

  1. patpi says:


    It seems I can’t tag already submitted posts. I would like to tag this one ->
    Or maybe this request should by send by my to kde-look admins?

  2. Sayak says:

    Posting and editing inside the subforums are restricted. When an idea lands inside the subforums, it is expected to be already tagged and voted (and discussed).

    In case of exceptions like this, if you wish to have such a thread tagged, I would suggest that you click on the “Report” button for the post and request a re-title there.

  3. Jef Spaleta says:

    What I am most interested in seeing is how well popularity metrics correlate with implementability and developer interest over some reasonable period of time.

    Statistically speaking, are the ideas with the highest vote totals more likely to get implemented than the ideas with less votes? You should be able to get a picture of that once you have enough ideas categorized as “Done” to do a histogram by vote total.
    You may also want to do that with the “WontFix” group as well. These sort of metrics will help you tune how developers interact with the idea pile most efficiently.


  4. Sayak says:

    Ofcourse, ideas with highest votes have a much greater probability to be considered. The voting here is just a way to filter out those suggestions which would be largely disliked. And the policy of an initial approval by staff (for every new submission) snips out rants and complaints that aren’t constructive.

    One of our team members is working on providing a graph of idea submissions over time considering various criteria. It will be announced at the forum when released.

  5. Thomas Thym says:

    I’m deeply impressed by the activity of the forum and forum-team. Great work!

  6. Thomas Zander says:

    > Ofcourse, ideas with highest votes have a much
    > greater probability to be considered.

    Lets not make this whole thing more important than it really is; the forums were started for the SoC and then grew wild. Apparently there are still people looking at the forums and naturally users using it.

    I think that it would be unfair to say that volunteer developers will write a new feature *just* because loads of users requested it. Its not a job, so that doesn’t work, and developers typically do something they like to work on. (which works out since they are users too).

    That users add ideas is great, and I’m sure one or two will find their way into KDE at some point.

  7. Sayak says:

    @Thomas Zander

    Its not a job, so that doesn’t work, and developers typically do something they like to work on.

    Ofcourse, and we at the forums in no way guarantee that a highly voted idea would be implemented. Please note that considered != implemented — high votes brings the idea to the developers’ attention, right?

    We are grateful to have developers around, and it is and will be their choice regarding what to choose, and what not. Afterall, we all follow the KDE principle: the one who does the work decides 🙂

    the forums were started for the SoC and then grew wild.

    Really? 😮
    What I knew is that KDE project needed an official forum as had largely become a spam-box.

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