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Posted by Sayak
April - 18 - 2009

As we have had the KDE Brainstorm running for almost a month, reaching its 700th idea today (excluding invalid submissions). This means 27 pages of well discussed ideas that are voted upon by users and managed by developers/staff are now available.

KDE Brainstorm is aimed towards narrowing down developer work at bko and making an organized collection of popular ideas that are easily accessible. It now has it’s own dedicated subdomain at The brainstorm further has a group of subforums, like “Invalid”, “Duplicate”, etc. containing the idea submissions belonging to that particular category.

With many developers now monitoring the brainstorm section, it is now a collection of great ideas for the KDE Desktop and applications, having proper exposure. We also have a team of Brainstorm moderators dedicated towards managing idea submissions, not to mention the forum staff who give their valuable time to help out.

I would soon try to go through my ToDo’s regarding the brainstorm software and would start working towards making KDE Brainstorm yet a better experience. We would always welcome ideas on how improve the KDE Brainstorm interface. Don’t forget to tag your ideas as [Brainstorm] when you suggest features for the software itself.

Haven’t posted your ideas yet? Submit it now!

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