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Posted by Sayak
March - 26 - 2009

Thanks to KDE sysadmins, we now have a redirect to the KDE brainstorm section set up. Visit:

Haven’t posted your ideas yet? Submit it now!

Posted by Sayak
March - 22 - 2009

With the launch of KDE Brainstorm at the KDE Community Forums, we immediately had a whooping 80+ visitors immediately and more than 140 great ideas!
It was far more that we actually expected, and the KDE community seems to be doing great in handling the ideas. The forum team is looking forward towards making the brainstorm section better and easier to use, as it seems to have gained popularity overnight 😉

Haven’t posted an idea yet? Don’t wait anymore, submit it now!

Posted by Sayak
March - 20 - 2009

KDE Forum is proud to announce KDE Brainstorm.

The brainstorm section is aimed towards bridging the gap between users and developers, and to promote innovation to a further level by community participation. Users can post their ideas, vote upon other ideas and discuss about them on the forum itself. New to brainstorming? Read the Brainstorming FAQs.

So have some great ideas for KDE and it’s applications?  Start now by submitting your idea!

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