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Posted by Sayak
February - 9 - 2009

With quite many things going around at the forums (, I’d like to discuss some prominent ones here:

  • Now you can reach forum staff on our ML.
    • Admins: admin[at]
    • Moderators: mods[at]

    The ideal practice would be – any forum thread/post/user related query goes at the mods ML while account related queries as well as other major problems fit in at the admin ML.
    Our preferred channel for (non-sensitive) feedback will still be the Feedback forum.

  • Our IRC bot sKreamer is better than ever. sKreamer is equipped to announce new threads from selected forums at specific channels. The bot is a widely customizable rbot. sKreamer is presently working at #kde-forum, #kde-mac and #kde-windows. To request sKreamer for your (kde) channel, please send a mail to the skreamer admins at skreamer[at]
    For other sKreamer related queries, you can contact Tuomas Koski (tkoski), Rob la Lau (OhReally) or me (glade88) at #kde-forum.
  • We might have a surprise forum section soon! Nothing more on this 😉
  • We now have our KDE SVN repo for the forum plugins. All plugins are licensed under GPL v3. Please note that the KDE Forum MODs team members are not the original authors of all plugins. We have made changes to certain MyBB plugins (although plugin copyrights are intact). Additionally, we will also be adding sKreamer’s rbot-plugins to the repo.
    You can find it at www/sites/forum.
  • You may also suggest news to be published at the forum’s News section. To do that, just create a mail with the story (or a link to it) and send it to news[at]

That’s all for today!

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