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Posted by Sayak
January - 7 - 2009

Do you think that you have significant amount of experience to work as a mentor at KDE forums? Then you should consider joining the team! Read on…

What do mentors do?
Mentors are responsible for conducting Klassroom sessions. For those who aren’t familiar with the KDE Forum klassroom concept, read this post.
You will be conducting a “Kourse” (lesson) at the Klassroom area. The lesson can be something like “Fixing XYZ bugs” or “Documentation kourse for project ABC”. You will guide a team of “students” (who will apply for your kourse beforehand). Your motive will not only be to contribute to KDE but help them learn how to do so.

Why are mentors needed?
With the great success of the klassroom concept, we are looking forward to have more sessions (at higher frequency). For that, we would need more contributors who can undertake and organize sessions. Existing mentors are listed here.

What all would you have to do?
After joining the mentors group, you will have access to the mentor team forums and moderational access to the Klassroom forum. You can start by posting a draft of the kourse you will be conducting, which can be reviewed by other mentors and forum staff. Once ready for shipping, your draft will be announced for public viewing and you can start with the kourse at the Active Kourses area. Your kourse can be based on any of the following:

  • Bug fixing and development in general
  • Documentation and screencasts
  • Any form of KDE artwork
  • Translations

At present, you would be handling a small team of 5-6 students, though this limit may go up depending upon the interested candidates and kourse popularity. After joining, you can also optionally have a “Mentor” badge for your username.

How can I apply?
If you are interested to contribute, you can send a PM to neverendingo (requires registration on the forums) or find him on IRC: channel #kde-forum, network freenode.
In case you send a PM, don’t forget to include a short introduction of yourself and your plans (if any) for upcoming kourses.

3 Responses to “KDE Forums: Want to be a mentor?”

  1. jpetso says:

    Sligtly off-topic, but that overdose of K characters is so 2003. It outright hurts to see “Kourses” being used that prominently in an official place like that. Especially as the forum didn’t have to carry over legacy names like many of the KDE apps do.

    I mean, I like certain word plays on K, but there should ideally be some kind of tongue-in-cheek background in the resulting term, or at least a little sense for style. Using the K everywhere just “because we can” is not cool, and makes that stuff look really childish.

    On the other hand, it’s good to see people actively growing the community, so in case you don’t agree with the above you might just want to ignore me because you’re doing the forum work and I am not 😛

  2. Sayak says:

    Well, it is just the beginning (we only have one single completed session) and we can definitely change anytime 🙂
    I also had a few more comments here on the same topic. I will raise this issue with other members of the forum team and see what their views are on this.

  3. Sayak says:

    After discussing with the team, we have decided that we will not be changing the name on immediate notice. It is though, liable to change in near future.

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