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Posted by Sayak
January - 26 - 2009

KDE Forum proudly announces KDE 4.2 release party.

A congratulations thread will be opened on the date of release at the KDE Releases forum area where you can congratulate the KDE team and celebrate in any way you like!

Anyone, yes anyone, can participate at the party. That means guest posting is allowed and no registration is needed to post.

To add to the fun, we are aiming for a whooping 2000 posts increment on the occasion!

Join the fun!

Posted by Sayak
January - 13 - 2009

Ubuntu Brainstorm is undergoing the much waited upgrade to Ideatorrent. With more than half of it done, Nicolas (nand) and Chris Jones (Ng) are working hard as ever to make it up and running perfectly! 8)

Be ready to roll at 1800UTC (approximated, and liable to change) when the baby is ready to sail!! 😀

Posted by Sayak
January - 11 - 2009

This weekend, KDE Forum mentor msoeken will conduct the 3rd session of klassrooms. This session will involve fixing krazy2 bugs.

The participants will get to learn about sevaral KDE development activities. They will learn something about:

They will get a chance to work on their favorite application and learn tricks to write better code.

Prerequisites: The participants should have some Qt skills and should have some ideas regarding KDE development.

To apply for this kourse, reply to this thread here:

Hurry!! 5 out of 6 seats have been taken already!

Posted by Sayak
January - 7 - 2009

Do you think that you have significant amount of experience to work as a mentor at KDE forums? Then you should consider joining the team! Read on…

What do mentors do?
Mentors are responsible for conducting Klassroom sessions. For those who aren’t familiar with the KDE Forum klassroom concept, read this post.
You will be conducting a “Kourse” (lesson) at the Klassroom area. The lesson can be something like “Fixing XYZ bugs” or “Documentation kourse for project ABC”. You will guide a team of “students” (who will apply for your kourse beforehand). Your motive will not only be to contribute to KDE but help them learn how to do so.

Why are mentors needed?
With the great success of the klassroom concept, we are looking forward to have more sessions (at higher frequency). For that, we would need more contributors who can undertake and organize sessions. Existing mentors are listed here.

What all would you have to do?
After joining the mentors group, you will have access to the mentor team forums and moderational access to the Klassroom forum. You can start by posting a draft of the kourse you will be conducting, which can be reviewed by other mentors and forum staff. Once ready for shipping, your draft will be announced for public viewing and you can start with the kourse at the Active Kourses area. Your kourse can be based on any of the following:

  • Bug fixing and development in general
  • Documentation and screencasts
  • Any form of KDE artwork
  • Translations

At present, you would be handling a small team of 5-6 students, though this limit may go up depending upon the interested candidates and kourse popularity. After joining, you can also optionally have a “Mentor” badge for your username.

How can I apply?
If you are interested to contribute, you can send a PM to neverendingo (requires registration on the forums) or find him on IRC: channel #kde-forum, network freenode.
In case you send a PM, don’t forget to include a short introduction of yourself and your plans (if any) for upcoming kourses.

Posted by Sayak
January - 2 - 2009

Thanks to Sayamindu (who else?!) my blog feeds will now come up on Planet FLOSS India.

Btw, I am Sayak Banerjee. I’m a 20 year old student, doing B.Tech CSE from Jaypee Engineering college. I work with the KDE team, and I’m a part of the Ubuntu Community (You can find me as LinuxIsInnovation on all forums and as glade88 on IRC). I belong to that species which spends 18 hrs a day in front of the laptop, and I usually struggle to devote time to everything else.

I’ll be torturing you all with regular KDE forum updates.. please don’t shoot me 😉

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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