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Posted by Sayak
December - 30 - 2008

Following the first Kourse which is still hot 8) Kourse 2 is already out into wild. Do you want to contribute to KDE, but not sure whether to jump into coding straight away? Then this is what you must check out!

Kourse 2 will be focussing on creating Plasma screencasts. Have some questions in mind? Let me answer a few of them 😉

What are screencasts and how are they useful?
For those who don’t know already, screencasts are video recordings of your desktop, aimed towards creating (audio) visual HOW-TOs of anything, say configuring a widget to perform in a certain way.
Why and how are they useful? Well, screencasts can be thought of an easier way to demonstrate a tutorial, maybe in some way an alternative to extensive documentation. Imagine reading a 10 page guide to setup your desktop or watching a 5 minute video: guess which one’s easier? 🙂
Want to see an example? Take a look at this.

How will we proceed with this?
Your mentor for the kourse will be einar, who will guide you through the whole process. This kourse will not need any coding (programming) skills. All you need is the recordmydesktop program and a vague idea how things should go in a screencast. If you think you need help with that, be free to ask for guidance, your mentor will be ready to help in the best possible way. Where should you ask? Let the kourse begin first.. 😉

What else should you know?
Well, you’d know most of the things as einar publishes his kourse draft. That would cover how to record your screencast (not only record it but make a good screencast). He would also explain to you other important characteristics of a screencast.

Where do the screencasts go once completed?
The screencasts will be uploaded to – which hosts both free (OGG) and non-free (Flash) version of videos. You have to give your videos a kde4.2 tag on video tags. Further instructions on einar’s draft.

How do I participate?
To participate in the Kourse 2 programme, you have to reply to this thread here: (you have to register on the KDE Forum to do so)

Please note that we have kept a limit of 6 students who can participate in this programme. After we have 6 names on that thread, the thread will be closed, and so will the entries for this session. Unless we have a situation where one or more participants decline to contribute beforehand, we would not make any changes to the selection. Also, if we have more than 6 requests in the thread (in case we are not available to close the thread), the first 6 requests will be considered for participation.

Kourse 2 will not only be fun, but you would be contributing to a very aspect of KDE — documentation. So hurry!! Apply now before the entries are closed!

For any questions related to this programme, feel free to start a topic at the Feedback area of the forum. You can also find us on IRC – Channel #kde-forum on network freenode.

2 Responses to “KDE Forums Klassroom: Kourse 2”

  1. Steve says:


    This klassrooms concept is a great initiative. I look forward to seeing the screencasts.

    I have also started a project which is related to learning how to contribute to kde.

    It is similar in concept to the klassroom idea in that it is guidance through the first steps on contributing to kde in various ways, although I want to create more persistent content for everyone, rather than interactively for 6 students at a time.

    The mail threads in the follow up section have more information in particular the Developer thread. I think we should find room to collaborate on this as much as possible.

    On the mailing list if possible, or you have my email address.

    All the best,


  2. Sayak says:

    Klassrooms are till now, on experimental basis. If we continue to get participants and have volunteers who are willing to become mentors, we would definitely keep them going. And looking at the first kourse programme, it seems that it should turn out to be great 8)

    although I want to create more persistent content for everyone, rather than interactively for 6 students at a time.

    All articles in Klassroom is as persistent as any other documentation. The kourse archives will be available for public viewing so that any member/non-member of forums can later follow the kourse. We haven’t really thought, but we may shift the articles to the wiki, or maybe let them be at the forums.
    Doing this in an interactive manner not only helps to do the job correctly, but this largely increases the rate at which it is done, as the participants get good guidance. As we now have some KDE developers contributing as mentors, we all know that’s the best a contributor can get — guidance of the project maintainer straight away!

    I have also started a project which is related to learning how to contribute to kde.

    Your project looks pretty good to me. And if the forum team decides that we would be shifting articles to the wiki, it would surely be nice to see your project and klassroom kourse archives fuse together. That way, we would have a more extensive coverage of the concerned categories.

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