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Posted by Sayak
December - 28 - 2008

KDE Forum Klassroom Kourse 1 is in progress! This kourse is being led by msoeken & the topic for this is “Fixing KSnapshot bugs”.
The Kourse started with 5 bugs as aim. Students would be required to fix them and will be guided by msoeken while doing so.
But thanks to the KSnapshot developers, three of those bugs were found fixed already! Beta 2 indeed has many bugfixes. 🙂
msoeken came up with 4 wishlist bugs he had in “stock”, just in case if they are needed. So presently, Kourse 1 has 6 open challenges for it’s participants and the kourse is in progression. We have 5 students participating, among which, 2 of them found us on IRC and were willing to contribute. Since now there is a significant amount of work for the participants, the kourse may extend for a few days.
After the patches would be checked and found effective, msoeken would do what is planned. 😉

So stay tuned!


2 Responses to “KDE Forum: Kourse 1 in Progress!”

  1. OremIrottom says:

    I be to ask conformable participants .
    fall entertain, can I charge all reports and links posted on the forum. Thanks in further …

  2. Sayak says:

    I don’t really get what are you asking. Can you frame your question in a clearer way? Thanks!

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