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Posted by Sayak
December - 25 - 2008

For all those who don’t know already, we have the channel #kde-forum (Network: set up.

What is the purpose of this channel?

  • #kde-forum is not for technical support related to KDE and it’s applications (#kde is for that purpose).
  • #kde-forum is a team channel for Forum Staff and it’s members (as well as non members).
  • It is also the home for our forum’s IRC bot sKreamer

What can I ask/discuss there?
Any forum related queries are welcome. You can discuss about all activities going on at the forums, Klassrooms and kourses (though the best place for kourse discussions would be at the kourse discussions area within the Klassroom forum), forum design as well as forum teams. You can definitely discuss registration problems, MyBB bugs (KDE Forum is powered by MyBB boards), forum/subforum requests, as well as user specific issues.

So all those who participate (and also those who don’t 😉 ) at KDE Forums are welcome to join us there.

2 Responses to “KDE Forums on IRC: #kde-forum”

  1. Emil Sedgh says:

    Why is that you dont use #kde-www? there is no discussion most of the time on they are completely related.actually forum is a part of www.

  2. Sayak says:

    Yes, that’s true.
    But we had this separate channel for:
    1. Mainly because of our IRC bot sKreamer. The bot is meant to announce all forum posts at the channel, and more. It would be a bit inappropriate to have it somewhere else but a channel dedicated to KDE Forums as we tend to have quite many posts everyday.
    2. We could also use #kde-forum for forum staff (team) discussions.

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