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Posted by Sayak
December - 19 - 2008

Not as much as the last time, but this time, we have the following set up.
1. An official forum for project Eigen has been set up. The developer himself would be moderating the forum. The forum can be found under: Developers -> Libraries & APIs -> Eigen.

Link to developer/moderator’s profile:
Link to forum:
I also posted an announcement on the forum itself. Find it here.

2. We now have a new bar plugin at the forums. So anything dropped in by out bot “aggregator” at the releases area and/or all forum announcements will be displayed at the forum homepage.

3. Oxygenation: Oxgenation of the forums is almost complete. If you are a member of the forum and you feel that we missed out something, please open a thread at the Feedback section or PM me or neverendingo.

2 Responses to “KDE Forums: What’s new? V2”

  1. Michael Davidson says:

    Who are the forum admins of KDE forums?

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