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Posted by Sayak
December - 14 - 2008

We have constant changes going on at the KDE Forums
The fresh new forum already has 2840 members and a team of 2 admins, 7 global moderators, 5 moderators and 3 mentors.
Here is a small summary of the prominent happenings:

  • Oxygenation pt. 1 and a 1/2: The second group of changes for adding oxygen controls to the forum.
    Find the official announcement here.

  • Launch of a team channel: Now we have #kde-forum as our forum team channel. It’s not really intended to be a support channel (#kde is for that purpose). Forum members/non members can join us at the channel. You may discuss all issues related to registration, posting etc.
    Find the official announcement here.

  • KDE Café: A new board for offtopic chat, a place to talk anything you like to. New to the forum? Introduce yourself there! Here’s an article from the admin’s blog.
    Link to the forum:

Behind the scenes:

  • We recently did a memory upgrade to the server. That would definitely ensure smoother and more reliable hosting.

In near future:

  • We soon will have our Klassroom sessions (Klassrooms are weekly teaching sessions conducted by mentors). Our mentors are working hard to prepare valuable drafts and they would be ready for display very soon.
  • Thanks to tkoski, our bot sKreamer is ready for the IRC channel. sKreamer will announce feeds from specific forums to the #kde-forum channel and is equipped with a variety of other plugins.

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  1. NickZA says:

    I though is the only forum.. Great to see there is this awesome official forum hosted.!

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