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Posted by Sayak
November - 26 - 2008

I was trying out everything KDE 4.1.3 gives me and loved this desktop theme Elegance.

Of all the above, I finally set Elegance as the active theme:

Wallpaper belongs to the KDE 4.2 defaults family. I really like this black + green combination.. very soothing! Since about one whole week, I have it on now.. Wow! that’s the longest time I haven’t fiddled with the UI! 😉

3 Responses to “Elegance is elegant!”

  1. Silvio says:

    Very nice theme! I’ve been meaning to try KDE for a while now but haven’t had the time yet.

    I see you have an icon for IP Messenger on your desktop. Is that the one you can download from ?

  2. Dread Knight says:

    I’m using it too actually.

  3. Sayak says:

    Yes, but it’s the WIN32 version that I use with Wine as I wasn’t able to compile the tarball and get it to work. With Wine, it does not save folders but only files..

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