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Posted by Sayak
November - 26 - 2008

I was trying out everything KDE 4.1.3 gives me and loved this desktop theme Elegance.

Of all the above, I finally set Elegance as the active theme:

Wallpaper belongs to the KDE 4.2 defaults family. I really like this black + green combination.. very soothing! Since about one whole week, I have it on now.. Wow! that’s the longest time I haven’t fiddled with the UI! 😉
Posted by Sayak
November - 26 - 2008

I cant help laughing at this. Yesterday, one of my friends came up my hostel room to take some documents from me, took out his USB flash drive, split it open and took the device out from it’s case, and plugged in my laptop’s port!
On asking why he did that, he said “Why? Don’t you know? I do this every time. I read somewhere that it works 200% faster when plugged in without it’s case.”

Really? My God!

I managed to click this on my phone (seeing his face turn a bit reddish at the same time!)

Don’t try this at home 😛

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