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Posted by Sayak
November - 22 - 2008

Powerdevil is a feature rich power manager for KDE. I had been using kpowersave on KDE4.1.3, and now powerdevil looks great !!

General Settings

General Settings Screen Dimming, Battery Levels and Notification settings. Powerdevil uses knotify with a sound event and customizable messages for it’s notifications.

Power Profiles

Powerdevil provides 5 default power profiles that are customizable:

  • Performance
  • Presentation
  • Powersave
  • Aggressive Powersave
  • Xtreme Powersave

Edit Profiles

Provides options to create new/edit existing profiles. For each profile, the following fields are customizable:

  • Screen brightness
  • Kwin compositing toggle on/off
  • Computer idle actions
  • Power/Sleep/Lid button actions
  • CPU frequency scaling
  • Turning off CPUs
  • Screen power management

Also provides options to Import/Export and clone profiles.


This screen lists all system capabilities that Powerdevil can make use off.

Sadly, my laptop does not support turning off of CPUs. Everything else work perfectly.
Powerdevil is most likely to be integrated in KDE4.2
At first, I was a bit surprised after not seeing a systray icon, but well, I don’t need one really. I use the Battery Status plasma in 4.1.3, while the same widget integrates well with powerdevil in 4.2
This is definitely worth trying..

5 Responses to “Powerdevil: Looks Good”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Both highly configurable and very beautiful. Great to see KDE 4 beginning to reach its potential.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Powerdevil is in KDE 4.2. In Kubuntu it’s part of the kdebase-workspace-bin package and will be the standard power manager for Kubuntu 9.04.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have not tested it yet, but I heard you can drag ‘n drop the battery plasmoid to your panel. The panel view of the plasmoid has almost the same functionality as the kpowersave systray icon.

  4. sebas says:

    Correct, in 4.2, there battery plasmoid has been extended to present some features of powerdevil at the user’s fingertips, and to display some additional information (time left on battery for example).

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