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Posted by Sayak
November - 5 - 2008

“There’s no problem that technology can’t solve, it seems, even if those problems are of the classic PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) end-user variety. PEBKAC problems require a delicate touch, but when diplomacy fails, sometimes, you’ve just got to satisfy yourself with some good old fashioned revenge, best served cold. Take, for example, the BSODomizer, which we stumbled across on Gizmodo this morning. It’s a small dongle that sits between a VGA port and the monitor cord and inserts random blue screens into a user’s display. This priceless fun can be yours for just $US79!!

“Still, actually using technology that’s been specifically bought to engage an IT prank? Seems like too much hard work to us. In that spirit, here’s five easy pranks that don’t involve dropping extra money, or for that matter, that much effort.”

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