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Posted by Sayak
September - 21 - 2008

I have found that HP laptops support ubuntu really well, though this is a personal experience here at my university. I have seen about 20 HP laptop (Compaq, HP Compaq and HP Pavilion) and about 10-12 desktops (Compaq and HP) migrating to ubuntu. Only some had a minor graphics issue, but oh well, they have an ATI! Mostly, I have found that with a small playing arount with backports and restricted packages, ubuntu works seamlessly! Yay! \o/

Ubuntu HP on Launchpad:

7 Responses to “Does your HP laptop run ubuntu?”

  1. Vishal says:

    Yes it works for me since Gutsy x86, Hardy amd64 and now Intrepid alpha amd64 on my HP Pavilion tx1302au tablet PC.

  2. Pete says:

    I’m so happy with my dv2610us laptop. I didn’t expect everything to work so well with Linux, but the camera, suspend, and wireless are rocking.

    (Wireless needs the b43 firmware)

    I picked this model for the nvidia graphics. Performance has been great, but managing the drivers has always been an extra level of effort.

  3. Sayak says:

    Nice! I use a dv9500 and a nx6320 and everything works perfectly! 🙂

  4. Jerome G. says:

    Even the HP Mininote 2133 works great with Ubuntu 8.04

  5. Stoffe says:

    I have a HP 2710p which runs Hardy (and ran Gutsy) very well.

    A few things to note about this laptop and Ubuntu:

    * It has a wacom screen and comes with a pen – this works as usual after adding the regular lines in xorg.conf. What’s more, it also works with an external wacom tablet via USB at the same time (another instance of config, with changed identifiers). Really really really looking forward to hotplugging for this though…

    * Suspend works well, though it suffers from the annoying bug when sometimes the warning sound is played on wakeup even though sleep was succesful – LP: #89983

    * There’s a built-in 3G/GSM/HDSPA modem that does not work – but it might in Intrepid, according to kernel changelogs.

    * Like on any other computer I’ve tried, using an extra monitor or projector craps out in a thousand different ways, even for simple cloning. But that seems to be unrelated to this computer.

    Other than that, I think everything just works, webcam, sound, desktop effects, wireless, and so on.

  6. lamcro says:

    Right now I am using a Pavillion ze5700, with around 192mb of RAM.
    I’m using Xubuntu 8.04 with not much dificulty.

  7. MagicFab says:

    I have a Pavilion TX 1220ca and I must say it’s the worse I ‘ ve had of any previous laptops as far as Ubuntu support is concerned (included an Averatec).

    Wireless needs NDISWrapper + Windows drivers, Nvidia needs Envy magic, tablet needs binary proprietary drivers, fingerprint support works with PPA packages, etc. Before Hardy this machine wouldn’t suspend at all. Yes, this was intentional on my part 🙂

    My report is at:

    Now off to joining the ubuntu-hp team and looking forward to contributing to it.

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