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Posted by Sayak
September - 21 - 2008

I have found that HP laptops support ubuntu really well, though this is a personal experience here at my university. I have seen about 20 HP laptop (Compaq, HP Compaq and HP Pavilion) and about 10-12 desktops (Compaq and HP) migrating to ubuntu. Only some had a minor graphics issue, but oh well, they have an ATI! Mostly, I have found that with a small playing arount with backports and restricted packages, ubuntu works seamlessly! Yay! \o/

Ubuntu HP on Launchpad:

Posted by Sayak
September - 16 - 2008

Since the first camera was invented by Ibn al-Haytham, photography has evolved, changed and developed to a great deal. Today’s powerful digital cameras can compete with their film or reel counterparts. Photography is more of an addiction than a hobby. It’s all about finding the beauty in anything. A glass of water may seem beautiful, or even a leaf lying on green grass. It’s all about how we shape it and capture it, and finally, how we set it as our ubuntu wallpaper! (jk)

I think there would be some who love capturing like I do.
For the same reason, I’ve started this group for Ubuntu Photographers:

Posted by Sayak
September - 14 - 2008

With more and more users switching to 64-bit computing to exploit the CPU’s full potential, the amd64 architecture has given a new dimension to day to day computing. 64-bit computing was used in supercomputers in 1960s and servers since early 1990s. Any 64-bit processor can emulate a 32-bit architecture. They not only address more memory but perform much better in cases of intensive computing, virtualization and gaming.

Personally with an OS of amd64 architecture, I always have Windows running on a virtualbox on a separate workspace while I work smoothly on the main one. I must say that I could do this with i386 also, though this seems to add up to my performance. Ubuntu amd64 has almost all associated packages available now. I must say that I’m in love with amd64!

Ubuntu 64-Bit usergroup:
IRC: #ubuntu-64-bit on channel

Posted by Sayak
September - 8 - 2008

What’s new?
  • The Idea Sandbox:

    Here goes all the ideas that need moderator approval. Once an idea gets a specified number of moderator approvals, ir gets listed under the Popular Ideas section.

  • Implemented Ideas:

    Here goes all idea that have been already implemented.

  • Neutral Vote Casting:

    The new UI will provide an option to the users to cast a neutral vote.

  • Rationale/Solution separation:

    Often different idea try to solve a common problem. So now on the new website, an idea can now have many solutions to a common rationale.

And more.. check out:

(This is he Ubuntu Brainstorm Development version — All changes here would be temporary and will not be linked to the main database. Feel free to do anything here!)

Ubuntu Forums user-group:

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