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Posted by Sayak
July - 7 - 2008

Here are some points that may be of importance to you:

  • Your computer may not receive files from a phone/smartphone. To send data from the phone to the computer, enable bluetooth on both phone and computer, right click on the bluetooth icon in the notification area and click on Browse Device. Select your phone from the list and press Connect. Enter a common passkey on both sides when asked to and the phone will open in a file browser in your computer.
  • You can find the USP search feature. For example, if you want to launch Text Editor, just type in text (just start typing, it will automatically be typed in the search box), and press Enter.
  • If you do not have a bluetooth device, then goto System->Administration->Services. Press Unlock button and enter your password. Uncheck Bluetooth device management (bluetooth) from the list and close the Services window.
  • You may include a delete command for files that would bypass the trash. Open any Nautilus window, goto Edit->Preferences. Click on Behavior tab and check Include a delete command that bypasses trash.
  • Whenever you install any package, do remember to do: sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get autoclean and sudo localepurge in the terminal to clean-up junk files.
  • You may find this handy:
  • Register on and post any queries you have. This is me on : Feel free to PM me. But kindly do not PM help/problem/troubleshooting requests. Posts all your problems in the appropriate section of the forums.
Feel the power of customization with Ubuntu.

May the Ubuntu be with You!
Sayak Banerjee


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