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  • KDE Pastebin API updates

    I deployed a new version of KDE Pastebin today – which should be available at Here are a few things to note: Even though will redirect you to, the old API is still available at The new API will be available at Please... Read→

  • Season of KDE: We have a new application!

    A few weeks back, Teo called out for volunteers to work on an application for managing the workflow during programs like Season of KDE (our own version of google-melange). After two weeks of intensive coding, we now have our very own application! The application has been titled “KDE Students Program”... Read→

  • KDE Forum gets Neverland!

    Last month, Ingo Malchow blogged about Bugzilla and Neverland. I’m happy to announce that another site was added to the Neverland category: the KDE Community Forums have been migrated to our new Neverland theme and also undergone a major revamp at the same time. The main changes are: KDE Brainstorm... Read→

  • The fastest browser

    Just tried Firefox 4 (Minefield) on my Kubuntu box and I must say, it is THE fastest  browser I have ever used. Plus the interface is quite impressive as well. Firefox 4 The integration with KDE was easy. Just download this theme (it is compatible with FF 4.0). You might also want to use a KDE-ish file... Read→

  • My new toy: Nikon D90

    After almost a month’s research, I figured out that D90 was the best way to invest when buying a DSLR camera. This is my first DSLR, and I’m hopefully catching up fast. 24 hours down with the camera, I’ve already made up my mind about not using the flash again, and that somehow, images... Read→

  • Windows 7 usability issues

    Have been using Windows 7 for some time now. I really love the performance boost I experience when compared to Vista, although I sincerely feel that it has some usability issues which I didn’t find even in Vista: 1. The taskbar text doesn’t have a dark border or a dark colored cloud. So in... Read→

welcome to My space in the world

Welcome to sayakbanerjee dot com.
You will find all kinds of ramblings here, starting from miscellaneous reviews, my open source work and random opinions on things that I feel are important.

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Sysadmin update: website migration

We just finished migrating one of our stacks to a new and powerful piece of hardware. It was a major activity and took about 9 hours with around 2-3... Read→


KDE Pastebin API updates

I deployed a new version of KDE Pastebin today – which should be available at Here are a few things to note: Even though Read→


New API specs

EDIT: Read the updated plan here: Today, I released a stable version... Read→


About Me

A son, brother and friend. Enjoys scripting and making small bits of apps here and there. Wants to conquer the world (well, who doesnt). A geek who has an obsession for ponies. Loves acoustic and wants to play guitar sitting on the Hollywood hill one day!

A Word About KDE

KDE is a versatile software compilation for all platforms. It is an intuitive and powerful desktop environment that focuses on finding innovative solutions to old and new problems, and creating a vibrant, open atmosphere for experimentation.